What we do

What we sell to our customers.

  • Tree seedlings to smallholder farmers and other clients with shared vision.
  • Carbon certificates will be sold for each package of trees grown in different areas for restoration and
    farmers’ land as an agroforestry strategy.

What we do to make our customers' lives more beautiful

Offsetting carbon with visible impact, in order to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, there is need to restore and strengthen the potential of carbon sinks through afforestation and reforestation. 

Therefore, the project establishes tree nurseries to support tree planting activities. These strengthen the existing carbon sinks to reduce the impacts of climate variability in the project areas. Also acquires contracts for supply and technical services to special tree planting projects for different clients; NGOs, institutions, government agencies among others

Why our offer inspires customers.

People have continuously cut down trees and this has reduced the natural carbon sinks that are meant to
store large volumes of carbon thereby leaving or releasing carbon into the atmosphere. This is sustained
by limited access to knowledge on the impact of cutting of trees due to limited alternative sources of
income due inadequate capital for startups, limited knowledge on available sources of income,
unemployment, few or limited investors to create job opportunities have worsen the situation.

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