About Us


To enhance mitigation and adaptation to climate change for community resilience


To be the leading sustainable income climate change solutions-based initiative in Africa


  • Integrity
  • Equity
  • Partnership
  • Professionalism

The Flight Free Project stands on four pillars:

  1. Tree planting to protect the environment and increase biodiversity
  2. Support income and environment at small holder farmers in Uganda
  3. To create a business model for young entrepreneurs in Uganda
  4. To reduce carbon emissions by implementing the activities without flying back and forth between Denmark and Uganda

FFP offers the following usefulness to customers

  • Improves their microclimate
  • Sustains food security
  • Creates an intercultural network between the south and the north
  • 90,000 trees, 750 tons of CO2 per year
  • Beneficiaries will acquire technical skills,

Meet the FFP Team

Isaac Sserwanga

Founder & Global Program Officer

Annet Nakkazi

Finance and Account officer

Tusabe Richard

Field Officer

Ronald Kiwanuka

Forestry Officer

Emmy Ocakacon

Technology Officer

Denis Ikanza

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Mary Mbakoma

Administrative Secretary

Stephen Bright Sakwa

Environmental Marketing Specialist

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