Imagining and shaping a green future together.

Green Kampala City
Green Kampala City

This special issue is focused on climate change and environmental degradation as the greatest challenges of our times. Measures to conserve and restore the environment have been limited. This is due to a lack of awareness, competing land uses, and a growing population. It is estimated that 40% of Kampala’s population lives in informal settlements developed near wetlands. Driving deforestation, land degradation, and water pollution. This is exacerbating climatic change impacts and driving the overall decline of environmental quality in Uganda.

With this piece, we encourage you to imagine a Uganda with beautiful sceneries, trees with singing birds, wildlife in their natural habitats, a favorable climate, peaceful green cities, and happy people. This is possible!
To shape the future, we will have to immediately minimize our impact on the environment by protecting natural resources, and ensuring that they are available for future generations to meet their own needs. To create a community where people and nature don’t just survive but thrive.
Building a green future will entail engaging all citizens and developing partners. To raise awareness on conservation, and to support organizations working to conserve and restore the environment at the grassroots level. There is also a need to engage policymakers and the private sector on the opportunities and options for green growth.

Young people have demonstrated their commitment to conserve and restore the environment by demanding world leaders to act with urgency on challenges posed by climate change, as well as taking it upon themselves to start hands-on activities that enhance environmental quality. We believe it’s a good time for you to join the green movement, either directly by conserving the environment or through supporting youths at Flight Free Projects to plant more trees. You can support tree planting by donating here.

Trees for a green livelihood.

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